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Product Design with The Essence of Imagination® supported by a Global Regulatory, Supply Chain and Manufacturing Capabilities

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Mother Nature’s Recipe for True-to-FruitTM Flavors

Our partnership with Plants & Food Research (formerly HortResearch) helps us create the next generation of world-class natural fruit and natural fruit- based ingredients. hortRealfruitTM is born from a dynamic collaboration and access to Plant & Food’s unparalleled fruit compounds database. The natural and nature-identical flavors are developed exclusively using proprietary fruit-derived science of state-of-the-art aroma chemical and solvent extract assay analysis. We develop new fruit flavors that are true to the taste of the original whole fruit and Mother Nature’s authentic recipe.

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Madagascar Vanilla Extract Partnership

Through a strategic manufacturing partnership in Madagascar, Blue Pacific offers a full range of 100% Bourbon Vanilla Extracts and Vanilla Oleoresins. We cure our beans on the Northeast Coast of Madagascar through our vertically integrated curing station. This unique process allows us to hand select only the highest quality beans while extracting them at a higher than normal moisture rate. We provide unparalleled flavor and aroma with distinctive bourbon top notes usually lost in other flavor houses when beans have lower moisture for export purposes.

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SimplyGrainsTM Whole Food Pastes

SimplyPlant™ is a unique line of whole food ingredient pastes made from grains, nuts or seeds. These whole food ingredient pastes include the Heirloom Whole Grain and 7 Ancient Whole Grain Oat Pastes, Salba® Whole Chia seeds, and nut pastes including California almond, pistachio and cashew. These pastes are typically frozen or refrigerated providing a ready-to-use cooked whole grain, nut or seed paste providing simple and clean labeling suitable for non-dairy beverage bases or adjuncts to dairy products and yogurts. Many of these pastes are available in Non-GMO Project compliant and QAI Organic certification.

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Cold Brewed Coffee Extracts

Our cold brewed coffee extracts are available as natural and organic to provide robust flavor while being less acidic than hot-brewed coffee.

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A-liminateTM Natural Modifier

A plant-based, natural flavor modifier to eliminate the Stevia/Reb-A aftertaste in finished beverages. A-liminate™ modifies the off-metallic taste and enhances the rheology and mouthfeel of the finished drink to better integrate with low sugar-sweetened beverages.

Sucramask® and SucramateTM Natural Sweetener Modifer

Our grain-based, natural sweetener modifiers eliminate the lingering sweetness and off-metallic taste associated with high intensity sweeteners such as stevia/Reb-A. This modifier accentuates fruit and alcohol flavors while simultaneously integrating sweet, sour and flavor notes by eliminating common flavor spokes and integrating the overall taste profile.

ZatiateTM Natural Astringency Modifier

Our natural flavor modifier acts as a tool for beverage developers looking to reduce astringency in a variety of beverage and soy applications. This unique flavor modifier can provide unusual rheology and overall improved drinkability in many beverage systems that utilize minerals or vitamin fortification as well as protein based beverages.

Capturing the Essence of Fruit Just Off the Vine

Experience real whole fruit flavor that gives you a truly unique, multi-dimensional taste sensation. Strategic agro-partnerships with fruit growers and processors, in California, the Pacific Northwest and Southeast Asia give us unparalleled access to a raw fruit material supply chain so we can create natural flavors with whole fruit extractives as the primary ingredient – always free of traditional chemical solvents.

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Capturing the Essence of Fruit off the Vine since 1993

Discover genuine, natural flavors, plant-based modifiers and whole food ingredients from Blue Pacific.

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