Mission-driven Ingredient Sourcing to Create Authentic Food and Beverages

Our new mission-based supply chain of sourced ingredients creates positive impacts on the local communities where they are grown. Kaibae® Baobab and SimplySpice™ Cochin Turmeric are the first two products in Blue Pacific’s in this product portfolio.

Baobab has a naturally sweet and tangy taste and is high in antioxidants and prebiotic properties. Kaibae Baobab Whole Fruit Powder is sourced directly from a network of local growers and wild-harvesters to create economic-socio opportunity for rural communities in Africa. Kaibae’s direct work with communities protects the environment and improves livelihoods, including providing income generation at times of the year traditionally seen as lean, or hungry, periods.

SimplySpice™ Cochin Turmeric is water-dispersible to more easily deliver its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant benefits in beverages. Its direct sourcing from harvesters in India, Ethiopia, Indonesia, Burma and Vietnam create economic opportunities for the local rural communities.

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