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At Blue Pacific Flavors, we develop and design taste and flavors for your current or next innovative product by sourcing or customizing from more than 6,000 natural flavors and ingredients from our flavor portfolio including our Sun Ripened and FarmStand Flavors. Discover genuine, natural flavors, plant-based modifiers and whole food ingredients from Blue Pacific..

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Whether you’re formulating organic flavored-sparkling waters, fermented kombuchas or plant-based beverages, today’s Millennial consumers are driving many of the influences and shifts in flavor preferences.  Within the next 5 years, the consumer buying landscape will change dramatically, and beverage companies not aligning with these influencers may suffer the consequences, given that Millennials will represent the majority of purchasers in retail food and beverages industries.

In order for food and beverage manufacturers to accelerate product development and speed to market, they will need to utilize a combination of predictive analytical sensory data interpretation with rapid product development cycles. Companies who have robust data and who incorporate predictive data analytical platforms will win the battle of “first to market” in the future. This ‘new normal’ paradigm shift is already being observed and followed by many large and smaller tech-savy food and beverage businesses. In the near future, companies successfully tied to flavor or taste data sensory analytics will know what will be successful with consumers before the products are actually formulated.

Often new line extensions are tied to targeting innovative flavor selection and consumer acceptability. At Blue Pacific, we try to guide our beverage clients by aligning them on the relevant “real-time” trends we are seeing from our external data partners, as well as internal insights from our global business units in North America, and East and South East Asia. As you will see, many of these flavor trends are tied to Multiculturalism and the changing American demographic landscape.

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At Blue Pacific Flavors we believe in an Authentic to Nature® taste… from the nostalgic experience of biting into a sun-ripened, farmer’s market peach, to the taste of your first melting vanilla soft-serve ice cream on a hot summer’s day… we want our flavors to recreate your favorite taste memories.

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  • Organic, Project Verified Non-GMO & Natural Flavors
  • R&D Services for your newest innovation projects
  • Creative solutions to your product development needs

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