Answering the Call for Clean Label Foods and Beverages

Natural Flavors, Verified

We recognized the new global paradigm shift of consumer interest in authenticity and clean-label foods and beverages as an opportunity to further evolve our platform for natural fruit flavors. We became the first flavor house to have our products reviewed and verified by the Non-GMO Project. We offer a portfolio of flavors that are Non-GMO Project-compliant for clean labels.

Non-GMO Project Compliant Flavors

  • Natural Peach with other natural flavors (WONF)
  • Natural Strawberry WONF
  • Natural Blueberry WONF
  • Natural Mango WONF
  • Natural Coffee Concentrate
  • Natural Hibiscus WONF
  • Natural Carrot WONF
  • Natural Vanilla WONF
  • Natural Chocolate WONF
  • SynatureTM Beverage Enhancer

Transparent Labeling, Anywhere in the World

We understand the FDA’s broader view of what can be labeled as natural flavor when compared to EU standards and the challenge it creates for global food companies. Much of the U.S. flavor landscape utilizes natural flavor aroma chemicals via fermentation to create and characterize natural fruit flavors, while for citrus, the industry uses sourced citrus oils and by-products to create natural citrus flavors. The discrepancies in standards between U.S. and EU regulations leave multinational beverage companies at a disadvantage in formulating, labeling and marketing globally accepted naturally flavored products. Learn about how our Farm Stand Whole Food Flavors are acceptable in both the U.S. and EU markets.

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