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Following a Farm to Flavor™ Philosophy to Create the Most Authentic Natural Flavors, Plant-based Modifiers and Whole Food Ingredients

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A Spirit of Exploration and Curiosity Leads Us

As President and CEO of Blue Pacific Flavors, Donald Wilkes has more than 35 years of experience in the food and beverage industries through his work in innovative food flavor development in the Americas, Asia and Europe. Donald founded privately held Blue Pacific Flavors in 1993. The company’s 100% wholly owned manufacturing facility and product development laboratory, Blue Pacific Flavors Suzhou Co, Ltd was established in Suzhou China in 2005. Prior to starting Blue Pacific flavors, Donald started Wilkes and Associates, Inc. in 1992, a U.S.-based food technology consulting firm in strategic business development and licensing for western global food businesses in Asia.

Discovering Heirloom with Donald Wilkes

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“We create authentic, natural ingredients through a long-term sustainably sourced supply chain that reflect the values of the today’s consumers.”

Donald Wilkes, CEO

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Our Vision Beyond the Horizon

Consumer Trends

Understanding consumer trends, our talented and passionate team is led by insights to create the next generation of natural flavors and innovative whole food ingredients.

Our Vision

Our vision is to create authentic fruit and sweet flavors and whole food ingredients through a Farm to Flavor philosophy.


Strategic partnerships with local farmers and producers drive our product innovation in natural and organic, true fruit and whole plant flavors.

Global Commitment

Our global business has led us to travel the world in pursuit of new ingredients – from the jungles in Madagascar to the rainforests in Southeast Asia.

Unique Flavors

We look for unique exotic fruits and plant-based raw materials that can be used to create the next new natural or organic flavor.

Unparalleled Team

Through our team’s hard work, dedication and commitment, we will continue to create unique and imaginative natural flavor and ingredients.

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From California to the World

Strategic agro-partnerships with fruit growers and processors, in California, the Pacific Northwest and Southeast Asia give us unparalleled access to a raw fruit material supply chain so we can create natural flavors with whole fruit extractives as the primary ingredient – always free of traditional chemical solvents.

Commitment to sustainability

Global warming issues impacting agricultural fruit processors and global crops has inspired us to develop environmentally friendly and sustainable business solutions. From sustainable operations to employee incentives, we believe in a sustainable business strategy that not only addresses the sensible consumption of resources, but also focuses on social responsibility alliances with companies like Plant and Food Research, that are developing new technologies to improve fruit and crop yields to protect global supply in the future. We are a proud endorser and member of WasteWise, a partnership program by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency that helps businesses deal with their materials and waste in an environmentally friendly way.

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Capturing the Essence of Fruit off the Vine since 1993

Discover genuine, natural flavors, plant-based modifiers and whole food ingredients from Blue Pacific.

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